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QuickBooks is a great tool for helping you and your business save money, but not if you have never learned how to use it properly. QuickBooks is the world's most powerful small business accounting software, but because it is so powerful and versatile, it is unlikely that you will get the most out of the program without training.

Whatever your level of expertise, we can provide training to enhance your experience with QuickBooks. Either as individualized training, or as group training for your employees at your office, we are able to offer a variety of services that will improve your ability to use QuickBooks to make your business more profitable.

Many QuickBooks users are not getting the full potential out of the program because they have not set the program up correctly. The proper setup makes generating and tracking important data much simpler. We will install QuickBooks on your single computer or network in the format that will be most beneficial to your unique business circumstances. Once the program is properly installed, it will radically change your QuickBooks experience, allowing you to quickly extract the information you need to make the best decisions for your company.

Here at C.G. Johnson & Company, we don't just help our clients use the program. Our goal is to help small businesses make the most of this versatile and powerful piece of software, which (when used properly) can make businesses more efficient and more profitable.

QuickBooks is the world's leading accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. Don't get left behind. If you run a business, you need to contact C.G. Johnson & Company today for help getting on track with the program that will make the single biggest difference in your business's financial future. We are here to help.

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Business Accounting

When life throws you curve balls, we’ll be there

Questions? C.G. Johnson & Company has answers!

We have helped many businesses keep an accurate financial record of their situation. If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, then please contact us.

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Business owners have to wear many different hats to run their business properly. But it can be very difficult to get everything done and still have time to balance the books and keep track of all the expenses. It takes precise focus; you cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to the finances of your business.

C.G. Johnson & Company understands that when it comes to your business, you need to know the exact state of your current financial situation. With an experienced staff that is dedicated to the efficient and exact management of your business’s finances, you can rest easy knowing that the accounting aspects of your business are being taken care of by trained professionals.

C.G. Johnson & Company is here to help the businesses with:

Creating a balance sheet – if you want to know the financial state of your business at a certain period; we can create a balance sheet for your own files or to show potential investors.

Income Statements – to learn if your company is making a profit or is spending more than it earns, an income statement, also known as a profit and loss statement, is essential.

Review your banking activity – we will perform a monthly review of your ledger to make sure all your books are in order.

Consultation - If you have any accounting questions, then we are here to answer any and all of them for our clients.

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Business Payroll Accounting

C.G. Johnson & Company your payroll solution!

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For any business to be successful it must have an accurate payroll. If your employees are being paid more than they are owed, then you are losing money; if they are not being paid enough, then they are not receiving what they deserve.

You may be asking, "why should I outsource my payroll?"

One of the most important reasons, as stated above, is to have assured accuracy. The laws governing payroll and its execution do change and it is hard to find time to continually research the subject. The laws for filing taxes for payroll are even more fluid and changing, necessitating even more research.

There is also a financial advantage to outsourcing your payroll. Hiring a permanent staff member to do your accounting will cost significantly more than reaching out to C.G. Johnson & Company. For larger companies, we have outside resources that we refer to perform the task for you. They offer many of the HR services that your company needs without the burden of hiring an in-house HR department. 

Additionally you could get a break on your workers compensation insurance because they might be able to provide you with insurance from a pool of people that do similar types of business. if you, the business owner, handle payroll, then you understand that it takes up no small amount of your time. By freeing yourself from this task you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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New Business Formation

Get started in the right direction

Hiring a seasoned advisor will get your business running like a well-oiled machine. Allow us the opportunity to help your business form and grow. When you team up with C.G. Johnson & Company, you are protecting your business and ensuring compliance in your business transactions. If you’re considering opening or purchasing a business, call us today to schedule a consultation. You can count on us to provide you with sound financial advice.

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There is nothing like being your own boss, making your own hours, and being in control of your brand. Starting a business can be a lifelong dream, but there are many legal and financial considerations that, if not handled properly, can easily turn your dream into a nightmare. C.G. Johnson & Company can help you choose a successful business strategy from the get-go that will allow your business to thrive as well as help you avoid common pitfalls that many new business owners make when first starting out. Our accounting professionals can advise you on a business structure that best fits your goals and needs with tax benefits in mind.

Our approach

We can evaluate your business ideas, help you choose how you want to incorporate your business and prepare and file all necessary paperwork, including your application for your Federal Employer Identification Number and all required state and local licenses and permits, as well as help you with the following:

Monthly & Quarterly financial reporting, Payroll Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns, Financial Statements, Business Income Tax Returns, QuickBooks Training & Setup